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All about me!

Hi! Hello! Welcome to my very first blog post, well, not necessarily my first. I started a blog years ago, probably at age twelve or so, I think the first and only blog I wrote was about a paragraph long. Really silly, I know. But any how, I’m now seventeen and starting another blog (hopefully this one goes better than the last) and I really, truly have no idea what I’m going to post, what I’m going to write about, or where this is going to lead me, but I suppose we’ll find out together.

I wanted my first blog post to be about me ,(can’t say this will be the last, I’m very conceited) to give my audience a better look into who I am as a person, what I like, dislike, what I’m good at, what I’m bad at and all that hogwash. I suppose I could wright a story but to make it easier for you to read, (and for me to wright) I’ve decided to just splurt out 20 facts about, none other than me!

1• My name is Jade Marie da silva Salthouse (mouthful, I know)

2• I come from Portuguese heritage (hence the ‘da Silva’ part) but I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. In Africa.

3• I do not know a word of Portuguese, or any other language for that matter. I mean, I barely know how to speak English! (Which I’m sure you’ve noticed due to the very bad punctuation)

4• I find myself quite hilarious I must say, some would call my wit and side comments ‘unnecessary’ or possibly even ‘immature.’ I like it, so I say bye bye to the haters! (They’re irrelevant anyways)

5• I named this blog ‘The Salty Times’ because, a. It sounds like it could be a newspaper and b. It sounds like I’ll be talking about the ‘salty times’ in my past. My nickname is salty, so therefore ‘The Salty Times.’ You know, just to clarify.

6• I rather like art, drawing mostly. I think I’m pretty good at it too, possible good enough to one day become a tattoo artist. But I don’t know, we’ll see what the future holds.

7• I think I may just wright a blog post about art and drawing now, the process, where I get my inspiration, my stationary, all that Jazz. Please let me know if you would be interested in something like that!

8• I’m realizing now that I’m rather boring, because I have run out of things to wright about myself. Or maybe I just don’t know myself well enough. I’ll continue however, I’ll pull something out of my brain that has to do with myself.

9• My absolute favorite food is Chicken stir fry! I could live on that stuff, only if my dad makes it though. It’s not the same when someone else makes it.

10• Get this, I’m a Portuguese that hates fish. Prawns? Gross. Calamari? Tasks like a shoe. Hake? Couldn’t think of anything worse. Crabs? (Yes, I know crabs aren’t fish. But they live in the ocean so shut up) they’re literally cooked alive! Cruel bastards! But, there’s this one Portuguese delicacy , pastéis de bacalhua. It’s cod fish, potatoes and garlic. Now that, may just be better than chicken stir fry.

11• I’m a couch potato, well I’d like to be a couch potato anyways. My happy place is on the couch, with a romance movie playing, sobbing my eyes out. Sounds sad, but makes me happy.

12• My favorite tv show of all time is 9-1-1 on Fox, it’s your basic fire fighter show but the story behind all the characters is just phenomenal! The attractive men help as well I suppose.

13• I’m a sucker for graphic design, any design for that matter, but mostly graphic. I’m sure you’ll see some of my graphics because I plan on designing everything for this blog.

14• I’m a feminist at heart. I’m so for equal rights, not just for women, but for men, people of colour, the lgbtq+ community and literally everyone else on the planet.

15• I really have no clue why, but I have an obsession with pregnancy and babies, mostly baby names. It’s just such a beautiful thing, getting to grow and name a human. I’m planning on making my next two blog posts about my favorite, unusual baby names (even though I’m very far from having a baby, i mean, in only seventeen)

16• my favorite animal and pet to have, is a snake. (No, I’m not a psychopath) I have no idea why, I used to be terrified but now I find them beautiful, Majestic and just damn right, amazing.

17• My two all time favorite movies are 2:22 and The Age Of Adaline. I absolutely LOVE these movies, could watch them on repeat forever.

18• I’m technically a high school drop out, Just finished my O levels and decided not to go back. Couldn’t be bothered to do my AS and A level exams when I know they won’t do anything for my future

19• I’m hoping that by the end of 2020, I’m not living in Zimbabwe. Either in the Uk or possibly Canada (my dream place to live) because Zimbabwe is going no where but down hill, possibly watch out for a blog all about this place?

20• Finally! The last one! I’m a very quite, shy person. It takes a lot for me to be friendly with someone and actually have a conversation with them that isn’t super awkward and weird. I guess it has a lot to do with anxiety and self consciousness, like, what is this person going to think of me if I expose my whole self to them right now?

Well that ended on a dark note, but thank goodness that’s done! I’ve written this over a 3 day period, I really don’t know myself at all. I really do hope you Guys enjoyed this and come back for more! I promise (and hope) that it’s only going to get better from here, my writing technique, my grammar and punctuation as well as the topics I wright about.

I don’t necessarily have a schedule for when I’ll be posting but please let me know what day, or days you want me to post. For the moment, I’m just going to post when I finish a blog, maybe a day, maybe a week, hell, maybe a month. (I promise I won’t post once a month, that was sarcasm)

Thank you if you’ve made it this far and hope to see you in the next one, Jade

and here you are living despite it all

Rupi Kaur

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