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My Top 11 Favorite, Unique baby names In 2020

Hi! Hello! Welcome! Or welcome back? I’m Jade, Jade Salty, a seventeen year old girl in Africa writing a blog. . . Again.

My last blog was on Podcasts and Albums that I’ve been listening to, and keeping me sane during quarantine. (Check that out Here!) I’ve posted a couple blogs about baby names, Baby Girl names of 2020 and Baby boy names of 2020 which were both great, but very formal. With popularity scales, pronunciation, the complete history behind every name… and middle name. It took forever to write and find all the information, it was fun though. So I’m doing it again… just not so intense.

Although I’m very far away from having my own children, I mean I’m only seventeen and can’t remember the last time I actually spoke to a boy. But quarantine has got me thinking about what I would name my child if I were to have one… which I’m not! So here’s a list of my 11 favorite names for girls and boys, even though a name really doesn’t have a gender!

1. Kelaya :- keh-lay-ha – typically a female name meaning ‘Beautiful lady’

2. Ilaria :- ih-leh-riy-ah – typically a female name meaning ‘joyful’

3. Asteria :- aa-st-riy-aa – typically a female name meaning ‘Goddess of Dreams and Astrology.’

4. Antheia :- ant-dh-iyaa – typically a female name meaning ‘Goddess of Gardens and Flowers.’

5. Hemera :- hehm-eh-rah – typically a female name meaning ‘Goddess of the day.’

6. Achlys – ahch-lahz – personally I think it’s a Unisex name but is typically female meaning ‘Goddess of Misfit’ or ‘Darkness.’

7. Allerick :- aeh-erih-k – typically a male name (and also from the Vampire Diarie, except… it’s Alaric), meaning ‘all powerful’ or ‘ruler of all.’

8. Sorin :- sah-ryn – Typically a male name, although I think it’s unisex, meaning ‘Sun’

9. Aldrich :- awl-drich – typically a male name, meaning ‘Noble Ruler.’

10. Eliseo :- eh-liy-zeh-ow – Typically a male name, meaning ‘God Is My Salvation.’

11. Kaven :- kayv-han – Typically a Male name, meaning ‘Top of the Mountain.’

And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re having a baby anytime soon while this pandemic is still going on, I really hope very thing goes well and congratulations!

Thank you if you’ve made it this far and hope to see you in the next one, Jade

Be enough for yourself first, the rest of the word can wait.


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