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30+ Writing Prompts to help you get out of your writing rut!

Hi! Hello! Welcome! Or welcome back? I’m Jade, Jade Salty, and here I am, a seventeen year old girl writing a blog post…. again.

My last blog post was on Clever, Unique Pinterest Board Names to help innovate your page!(Check that out Here!) I’ve decided to write this post in hopes of helping those that are in a writing rut or possibly just looking for inspiration to start a book or short story. Unique story lines can be hard to come up with so please do enjoy these 30 + writing prompts!

• You live in a world where reincarnation is common and expected. But it cannot happen unless your past life has faded from all living memory. Last time you were alive, you fell in love with an immortal who swore they would never forget you. You have just been Reincarnated.

• When people are born, they have a streak of hair the same color and texture as their soulmates natural hair. You are born with a blue streak that floats in the air and no matter what you do, you can’t get it to lay flat on your head.

• whenever you speak, people hear you speaking in their native language. Most people are surprised and delighted. The cashier at McDonalds that you’ve just talked to is horrified, “Nobody’s spoken that Language in thousands of years.”

• You finally build enough courage to talk to that cute someone you see on the bus everyday. Their face turns dark as they say, “You shouldn’t be able to see me.”

• After Gaining the ability to see everyone’s red strings of fate tying soulmates to each other, you realize your strong extends past the sky.

• Your best friend is in court, accused of committing nineteen murders. You’ve been called as a witness to defend them, you have the evidence you need to do it, because you’re the killer.

• A photographer and a sniper meet in a bar, neither is aware of the others occupation. They talk about ‘how to take the perfect shot.’

• The earth is flat and NASA is guarding a giant ice wall in Antarctica. Beyond that wall, there are more continents and oceans that only the Elite inhabit. A group of explorers sneak past the wall and discover the rest of the world.

• The phone rings, you look at the caller ID and recognize the number of your childhood home. You pick up the phone and recognize the voice. It’s you as a kid.

• When the police come to your door to announce the death of your husband. You refused to believe it, “That’s Impossible,” you say. “Unfortunately it’s the truth Miss,” the policeman responded. “That’s impossible,” you say again, “he’s in the kitchen making dinner.”

• One night at a bar you order the club special. as you down it, the world melts away, the bartender speaks, “What you see now is the real world, they pump poison into your veins to keep you complacent. I just gave you the antidote but it won’t last long. Will you join the resistance?”

• You have the ability to mentally hear the honest answer to any question just by looking at the person and thinking the question. It was all fun and games until you look in the mirror and ask a question you shouldn’t have.

• Every year, a man is sent into a cave as a sacrifice to the Gods. When you are sent in, you discover a Utopian society run by Gods where the ‘sacrifices’ are playing games and living life to the fullest.

• One day in class, you decide to scream something in your head to catch mind readers. As you do, you see your crush flinch.

• Two people who hate each other in real life are unaware that they’re best friends online.

• you’ve been sketching the face of your soulmate since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, the drawings become more and more realistic over the years as the day you meet comes closer.

• you were born blind, but somehow, sometimes you are able to see people in the darkness. You saw your grandmother for a whole day, four years ago. She died that night. You’re in your house and you can see every single person clearly, except for the visitor your dad has over.

• Your best friend from high school suddenly went missing at graduation. Years later they show up on your doorstep, except they are still 17 years old and more confused than you are.

• You have been completely color blind your whole life and only see in shades of grey. One day, you come across a stranger that appears in full color.

• You have a secret, for as long as you can remember you’ve been able to see a translucent number above everyone’s head. Most have a 0, few have 1 but your girlfriend has a 37. You witness a murder on the way to propose to your girlfriend and slowly watch as the assailants number changes from 0 to 1.

• When someone’s heart breaks, so does Pieces of the world. This creates Fissures, Valleys, and even cracks in the pavement. Tell me the story behind the Grand Canyon.

• Every person has A word that if spoken aloud in their presence, they immediately drop dead. One day while cleaning out your attic, you come across a book with every living persons name, address and death word.

• there’s an ATM that give you the exact amount of money you need to survive through the day, how you spend it is your choice. One day you’re given $70,000,000

• You wake up one morning after a night of drinking with a stranger in your bed, you can’t remember their name. Or how you met. Or why they’re dead.

• A curiosity shop opens up where you can rent Superpowers, magical Abilities, Mystical artifacts, and mad science technology. The catch? Payment is made in life, memories, etc

• The year is 2020, the first astronauts have landed on Mars and have discovered a cave with four human skeletons and four words carved into the wall.

• it wasn’t the leather jacket or dark eyes that sent chills down my spine. It was the sly smile that crept onto her face as she looked in my direction. No one is supposed to be able to see me.

• You find an empty notebook while cleaning out your attic and decide to start using it for your daily reminders, the first think you wright is, ‘don’t forget to feed the cat.’ The next morning you wake up to ‘Breaking news: scientists have received a message from a different planet via radio waves. Saying, ‘don’t forget to feed the cat.’

• Moments before a person dies, they say a phrase that predicts a future event. For the last 24 hours, all the dying people in the world have said a single phrase, ‘the ducks are coming.’

• your door bell rings, a stranger from an alternate universe stands there and says, ‘you’re my favorite book character and I know how your story ends. I want to change it.’

• Death gives you immortality with the plan that you’ll realize how awful it is and beg him to let you die. 50,000 years later, death is getting annoyed that you’re still living a fun and wonderful life.

• the world did not end in a bang or a whisper. Rather, one scream at a time.

-Dialogue prompts

• “I’m just doing what the fortune cookie said, who am I to stand in the way of fate?”

• “Can you hit them with your knife?” I asked politely. “I think the technical term is ‘stab’.” She said

• “What do you mean ‘you accidentally pickpocketed the president of the United States?’”

• “hold on, you died!” He said in shock, I replied with, “Well it didn’t stick.”

• “Damn right I’m pretty,” she said confidently. “I said petty,” he replied

• “I’m damn sick and tired of pretending I’m not evil.”

• “Don’t bleed on my floor.”

• “you are remarkably well behaved tonight. What did you do?”

• “you just killed five men! What do you have to say for yourself?” My guardian angel asked. “Oops,” I said.

• “the police are the least of your worries, intact, they may be your only hope.”

• “where’s your shoe?” She asked, I replied bluntly, “the giant muddy puddle down the street demanded a sacrifice.”

• “oh no!” He yelled. “Was that a I-messed-up-dinner-reservations oh no, or a I-forgot-to-lock-The-portal-gate oh no?” I asked

And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it helps you get out of your rut! If you do use one of these prompts or interpret one of them into a story, please send me the link to them. I’d love to read them!

Thank you if you’ve made it this far and hope to see you in the next one, Jade.

A drop of ink may make a million think

Lord Byron

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